About Hotel Week

Hotelweeks.com is a full service internet marketing company for the lodging, hospitality and travel industry.

We created the Hotelweeks events to beat the odds of the slow season and depressed economy which are affecting the lodging and hospitality industry.

Our mission is to launch and create a buzz around the hotelweek event happening in your city.

We have the right tools to deliver a unique message to millions of travelers who are looking for an attractive package destination for their next vacation, gateway or board meeting.

Our e-marketing expertise will considerably increase the hotel room sales revenue for your resort in your town during what used to be considered the slowest time of the year.

Hotelweeks.com is designed to increase tourism and position your city as a premiere destination.

During Hotelweek your town is becoming alive again with the hotelweek buzz spreading to restaurants, attractions and more.